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    I have a question regarding jobasignement.xls file you sent me. How can I include in it, that weekends are free. Translators dont work at weekends and every friday they work for half day except for one friday per month they work full-time

    Any ideas?


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    sorry for that but I am from Slovenia I do not know what kind of language find english speaking people offensive

    No you helped me enough, I just have problem with excel not responding when I select whole column i dont know why

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    Here is the sample of my workbook can you do this
    My comp is a little up I must reinstall it( when I try this i get "not responding") Could you do this for me plizz

    For each column formula(in that column) should extend through whole worksheet (so that each column has its formula assigned through whole worksheet- i mean to end of column)

    And by the way do you now how to check this XML tags(if all start and end tags match)

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    Can you tell me how can I extend formulas in columns through whole sheet
    I mean if i have formula which is assigned to cell A1 and i want this formula to be extended through whole A column

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    Do you guys maybe know something about word 2003 I am trying to check if:

    I have a question about validating XML tags in word documents

    How to check if every start tag has it's end tag (<Amend> </Amend> and so on)

    for instance:

    <Amend>bla bla bla <NumAm>1</NumAM>
    bla bla bla </Amend>

    <Amend>bla bla bla <NumAm>1</NumAM>
    bla bla bla </Amen

    There are many tags in document how to check whether some of them are missing or damaged, and to show me where is missing or is damaged

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    Nice :)

    Man this helped me so much, for now I think this is exactly what I have been looking for

    Thnx and stay cool :)
    And Roy thanks for all your help too
    You guys rule

    Re: macro that checks workload

    sorry for my stupidity but what do you mean by "to use it properly you need to extend the list starting at a27" I dont quite get it what this list shows me

    thnx for all your help I really appreciate it

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    name pages date deadline capacity

    a 12 novi 11/01/2006 14/01/2006 6
    a 12 novi 12/01/2006 15/01/2006 12

    you see here I am lost because I need to know if translator "a" is already busy with previous document to translate, and then he gets a second document on 12/01/2006 with deadline on 15/01/2006. The capacity works great but how can I include the capacity from previous document (if he got doc. to translate on 11/01 with deadline on 14/01 and meanwhile I would like to assign him another document on 12/01 with deadline on 15/01 how to check according to translator name if he is able to do it

    Lets say that capacity is 6 and "datediff" is 3 days this means he is left with 2 pages left for each of those 3 days , so he can translate 6 pages of new document till deadline 14/01/2006 and he is still left with 1 day(until 15/01) on which he can translate 6 pages so he is able to translate that other doc assigned to him on 12/01 with deadline on 15/01

    please let me know, if you know what I mean?

    Thnx for all your help

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    a i get it the capacity tells me how many pages can be translated till the deadline

    But how can I determine how big document -(how many pages can a translator get from the day that capacity has been calculated, to another deadline)

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    If I get this right it gives me the capacity per day
    I mean if capacity is > 6 then translator is not free?

    If so Could you please give me the code to color cells > 6 to red ( cell.interior.color = red) is that true

    Thnx for your time i really appreciate your help

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    do you have any ideas how to do that?
    I am kind of lost here. I used this "datediff" but something is not working right?
    If I get the current date and deadline how can I know how much did he translate from the day he received document to current date :(
    I am not even sure if I am thinking right?
    Lets say that he received on 1.1.2006 a doc. which contains 12 pages and deadline is 3.1.2006 and in meanthime on 2.1/2006 he received another doc which deadline is on 5.1.2006 and it contains 12 pages the maximum is 6 pages/day. How to calculate if he will be able to translate it (In which way should I start thinking to get this calculation right?)
    Yes i would select translator

    Thnx for your reply

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    infact i need to know if he can receive any extra work?
    If he is busy to max (means if he has 6 pages to translate every day then he is busy to maximum and he can not receive any extra work)

    Re: macro that checks workload

    here is a sample of workbook

    I need to know according to date and deadline if translator will be able to translate document if his maximum is 6 pages per day


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    I need a solution fast:

    I work in translation unit. I need a macro that checks if translators are free to receive work orders. The case is like this:

    Every translator gets documents to translate and the deadline is given for each document. Every translator should translate 6 pages per day.

    Let's say that he received document on 01/01/2006 which contains 30 pages and the deadline is 10/01/2006 and in meantime he gets another document on 03/01/2006 which contains 20 pages and deadline is 11/01/2006.
    I need excel to look through sheet with all this data (Name, pages, deadline-date...) and determine if that translator is free to get this extra document to translate (he can only translate 6 pages per day maximum). If translator is busy like he has 6 pages to translate each day then he can not receive any extra work? I need a macro to inform me about workload of translators, whether translator is free to get additional work or not??