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    Thanks royUK,

    I am basically extracting a few sheets from a big workbook into a new workbook. The main reason for wanting to copy all these sheets at one go is because of the "Named Ranges" errors i keep getting if i do copy them one by one.

    For example: Once i have copied the first sheet in the new workbook, lets say Book1.xls

    Then when i go onto copy the next sheet, it starts giving me error "Named Range" exists...

    If there is away to avoid it then, running a loop to copy over sheets would be much desirable?


    Are you copying sheets with red Tabs? If so then try this

    Hi All,

    I have this code below which sometimes works and sometimes not. The main issue is with line Sheets(Array(.......

    Many times the code would skip this line as if doesn't mean anything, and sometimes all the sheets to the new workbook.:/

    Can you help please?