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    royUK and jiuk,

    Thank you both for the replies.


    The way we use the program at work, the consensus was to have it pop-up on any Save. I think we just got used to it. I may try to code something that saves a temporary copy somewhere but I just hate forcing people use a location I choose for them, but I also want to try to protect them from overwriting their 'Master', especially if I'm not around to give them a fresh copy. My skills, and time, aren't up to the task to do much more though.


    Thanks for the other codes, I will incorporate them in my 'project', they will be very useful I think. However, I still can't save the Excel without it crashing on the first SaveAs. It's really strange, especially hearing that royUK had no issues. Makes me think there is something else hiding on me that I need to find and it might not necessarily be the code.

    It is frustrating though when for the past 8 months it has worked a charm and now it is cumbersome, to say the least, to use.

    Good afternoon all,

    So I have been searching for a bit now and haven't found anything to help so I've decided to ask the experts.

    The code I was using worked fine until our company upgraded to Excel 365 and now all it does is crash. To be exact, I can get the dialog box to open, file name is prefilled, but when I hit save the workbook crashes. However, when I reopen said workbook, I can use the VBA code and it works just fine, it's just that first time saving that is causing problems.

    I feel like there must be new code to use or a work around to keep it from hanging. I currently have Version 2002 (12527.20242).

    Here's the code: (I pared it down a LOT to hopefully find the snag, but it didn't work)

    1. Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)
    2. Dim strSaveAs As String
    3. strSaveAs = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Monthly Payment Calc").Range("E2")
    4. Application.Dialogs(xlDialogSaveAs).Show strSaveAs
    5. End Sub

    Nice and simple and it did just what I wanted it to do, until now!

    Not looking for anything Read-Only, I just want this to work again.

    What should it do:

    If someone clicks the SAVE button, the dialog box will open, the extracted name will be inserted as the SaveAs file name, the user can save to their preferred location.

    Re: Show Security Dialog Box, not Ribbon, on Open

    Thanks for the replies...I was afraid of those answers! Oh well, I don't have that many folks to 'train' and it is only required at the beginning. Shame there isn't an option to choose which one you'd like to use. Still, I'm new to the whole VBA game and learning as I go, thanks again and I'm sure you'll be hearing from me soon!

    At the risk of getting lectured on security issues I decided to ask this question after tons of Google searches and searches here.

    I do NOT want to bypass the Macro Security in anyway, in fact, what I want is to get rid of the banner/menu bar ribbon and have the dialog box pop-up instead.

    The folks I work with take 'days' to figure out where the ribbon is and I'd like to make my project as user friendly as possible.

    So, is there a way to get the Security Dialog Box to pop-up instead of the ribbon and have it happen on all users computers, not just the ones who may have changed a setting here or there?

    Thanks for whatever advice you can offer...