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    Re: date entry prob

    Hi Guys

    Thanx for replying. However your code gives same results as mine

    Maybe I should clarify...

    I am using the else statement so that if date entered in G36 does meet leadtime or after, then to leave that date in.

    squeegedog - Workday function is an add-in

    Can someone please help me with this.

    I am complete novice at coding (as you can see below!), but why is my code below giving same results. I know what I want & it must be simple, but its driving me nuts!

    1. If Range("G36").Value < "=WORKDAY(TODAY(),6)" Then
    2. Range("G36").Value = "=WORKDAY(TODAY(),6)"
    3. Else: Range("G36").Value = Range("G36").Value
    4. End If

    What I want is : if date entered is less than lead time required - then replace with correct lead time, otherwise leave date entered as is

    (I'm not getting circluar ref error)

    Very easy one for someone...

    I'm a complete novice using VBA & would appreciate a little code for this...please

    I have a worksheet in which I want to insert a value (current date)
    into an empty cell at the top of a column then fill that column with
    that same value until it finds the last row which contains data.
    I assume it must be a mixture of Autofill & the code I've seen to get
    last used row, but how do I put it all together to get what I want?
    (I have tried searching!...)


    We get hundreds of pieces of customer data every day in the format below (source is in the body of an email message)

    ref no:abc123
    name:jane do
    Activation code:88fghg7h
    Order id:hg12469

    What I would like to do is get all data after the colons into excel in a single row. ie. abc123 in A1, jane do in B1, 1363464 in C1 etc etc.
    Then the next lot in the row beneath & so on.
    Unfortunatly I cant program so the only route I can think of going down is text to columns & transposing etc then make a macro - but all seems very messy.

    Can anybody guide me/give me suggestions?
    Thanx in advance...

    First time - be gentle please..
    I would like to copy data from the body of emails into Excel
    (Data in email always comes in same format), e.g.


    Joe Bloggs



    Ref No:


    I would like only the data on RHS to be input into next empty row in my spreadsheet so that joe bloggs is in cell A1, the date is in B1 etc, etc

    Any ideas?
    Any constructive help appreciated