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    Re: Macro to copy worksheet to another workbook

    Thanks john,

    To answer your questions. The source workbooks will all have 2 worksheets. The file names will be consistent. I can put a checkbox on each worksheet to say if it is an original or an update.

    Currently playing around with macros - do you happen to know how to paste something to the next free line of worksheet. Currently it is overwriting the first line every time i run it.

    Thanks again

    Hi all

    I need to do the following, can you let me know if it is possible, and how to go about it.

    Copy worksheets from many workbooks to one Master workbook, which will be used to aggregate the data. I need a macro to do this, which will automatically name the worksheet it creates (using information from one of the cells).

    The second part of my problem is that it needs to be smart enough to recognise if the worksheet that is being copied, has previously been copied to the master. If it has, it should overwrite the original worksheet rather than create a new one.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Re: Summing across multiple workbooks

    Thanks Craig,

    is there a way to do this without merging all the workbooks (separate files) into one workbook?? i.e. keeping the multiple files, so they can be updated by their different owners- but the summary data still flowing through to the master spreadsheet?


    Hi All

    I need to aggregate data from 100 different workbooks into one summary worksheet. The spreadsheets are all idientical.

    What is the quickest way to do this? Can I avoind very long, ugly formulas?

    Thanks in advance.