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    I have a large volume of forms (circa 2500) that have been submitted via the web to an email address I have set up.

    I want these to be in Excel so that I can dedupe them with a list i currently have in Excel.

    Is this possible? I REALLY dont want to have to retype 2500 forms!

    The forms are all in a standard format.



    Re: Searching for multiple items

    or you could make an if statement that says for field 1 display 1 if the criteria matches and zero if not and apply the same if statement for field 2. Then total the two results fields and those that equal 2 are the ones that match exactly. This will also provide you with a way of showing partial matches too, which may prove useful


    Re: Unselectable, Bold entries in a ComboBox

    i dont know how to do this in VB, I would suggest before a proper solution comes along is to call your fields


    This will give you the sort order that you require plus it will be easy to identify the area.


    Re: Summing across multiple workbooks

    apologies ignore my reply i misread your question my solution only works for worksheets within the same workbook!

    There is a way yes, let me go make you an example.


    SUM can take up to 30 arguments.


    Re: Custom Pivot table code?

    No Problem. You could build an input form that would take away the issue os unfreindly input (though personally I would find it easier to enter into my daa table than yours) and certainly the tabular structure that I am using will make it far easier for you to graph any results, its not the best practise to graph from PT but from source data.

    I have attached another example that shows multiple pivot tables on the same page, does this achieve your reporting requirements?

    I would use a database for this actually, lots of Excel users do use Excel when they would be better off using Access!


    Re: Custom Pivot table code?

    I wouldnt make 3 pivot tables and one master table.

    If you want to go down teh pivot table route I would suggest 4 seperate pivot tables each looking at the same set of data, "the master" table doesnt require the 3 "slave" pivot tables to exist its just referenced back to the initital data.

    Of course you could show all the 3 "slave" pivot tables in one large pivot table and seperate them via the grouping function.

    Hope this has given you a few pointers.