Posts by Chrisowen have attached a sample of a very large workbook I need assistance with. If you search for team T-10 you will have three returns. the program cannot distinguish the three separate rows of data. All of the other "Team" work perfect because they each have only one entry. I need to be able to populate the userform to add comments or edit without creating a duplicate entry. Any suggestions would be appreciated. If the ListBox is Programed properly with the "Edit/Update" button still work?


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    I have a UserForm that I update a spread sheet with. The code listed below works perfect. I need help adding two (2) more frames to the existing code. the line that I need help with is: (For Each ctl In Frame1.Controls) How can I add Frame2 and Frame3 to this code?

    I would appreciate any help in combining three Worksheet selection changes codes for a program I am trying to improve. I have received the codes from this forum and they work excellent. I am just no luck combining them my self.

    Code # 1 - used to to transfer hyperlink data to another sheet.

    Code #2 - used to transfer data from a drop down box to check boxes.

    Code #3 - used to type military time without using a colon.