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    Can you please help me in this excel formula, I think the formula is fine but I am not getting output.

    {=IF(ISERROR(MATCH(TEXT(LEFT($A7,5),"0")&TEXT(B$1,"0"),TEXT(Acc,"0")&TEXT( CC,"0"),0))=TRUE,0,INDEX(amt1,MATCH(TEXT(LEFT($A7,5),"0")&TEXT(B$1,"0"),TEXT(glcd,"0")&TEXT(CC,"0"),0)))}

    sample file attached...

    Thanks in advance



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    How to write VBA code to findout the
    'next letter' for a alphabetic character

    its working in spreadsheet,
    this is the formula

    1. =CHAR(CODE("A")+1)

    how to write the same formula in VBA code?

    Thanks in advance

    Re: Find Value From The Range Value


    is it possbile to validate the entire account combination.(more than one segment)


    range from 000.30000.450.500.000.000
    range to 150.39999.850.750.zzz.zzz

    Segment1 range: 000 to 150 &
    Segment2 range: 30000 to 39999 &
    Segment3 range: 450 to 850 &
    Segment4 range: 500 to 750 &
    Segment5 range: 000 to zzz &
    Segment6 range: 000 to zzz

    can i use =if(and(,)) formula? or is there any other way to validate a account combinations.

    1. =IF(and(SUMPRODUCT((condition1)*(condition3)*1)>0,(condition1)*(condition4)*1),"Do Not Use This
    2. Value","Ok to Use")

    Excel file attached for your ref:



    • CVR.xls

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    Re: Find Value From The Rage Value

    I have list of range in colum A2 and B1000
    A B
    30000 39000
    41250 45300
    46000 69200

    I have to validate my value (say Value in A1), i want to validate A1 value with
    in my range A2:B1000


    I have account range between 30000 - 39999.
    I should not use any account code from this range.

    Need a formula or VBA code to validate a single account code
    whether this account code is included or not included on the above range.

    for example i am using account code 35000, while using this account code
    the formula should display the message like "OK" or "Dont use this account"

    I have more than 1000 ranges in each and every rows.

    can u please help me.

    Thanks in advance


    I have to select mulatiple range

    1. range("A3:F4,I3:I4")

    I have written vba code like this ( assume b_last_cell = 2)

    1. Range("A3:F" & (2 + b_last_cell), "I3:I" & (2 + b_last_cell)).Select

    but it selecting all the range between A3:I4, actualy i dont want colum G and H

    how to resolve this issue.



    I have developed one file for invoice printing using VBA coding.

    When i take print out from excel workbook the print out is comming in Windows Font (i want like Dos prompt printing).

    I want to take printout in Dot matrics printer for invoice printing and the print out has to come like Lotus123 spreadsheet print out (dos mode).

    is it possible to get print out like Lotus123? If possible can u please tell me how to change the printing property in excel spreadsheet.


    Re: Define FolderPath to Webfolder

    Hi Ger Plante

    Thanks for your reply.
    We are using this webfolder like commonfolder in my office.
    At the end of every month I have to verify all the filese saved in the Webfolder.

    I know how to list out files with hyperlink from my local machine or from network machines.
    But I am not able to define FolderPath to this Webfolder.