Alert System in Excel?

  • I have an Excel file, one of the columns contains dates. I'd like Excel to send an alert message (by email for example) to Outlook when it comes to that date... Imagine a b'day thingy: you have someones name, then address, then his date of birth. When it's his b'day, a script or something sends an alert to outlook which displays the message.

    I know it might be easier to do this in Access, but I wondered if Excel could do it?

    I'm on Mac OSX, using Microsoft Office X (Excel and Entourage)


  • OK, not many bids for this one...

    After a lot of fiddling around i attached some VBA that triggers whenever the excel workbook is opened. The script calculates the current date, then runs through the date column using a method called range.find, checking to see if there are matches. If there are, then the script creates a new mail item and sends it to the appropriate address.

    BUT he downside is that I have to open the workbook every day for it to work.

    Any thoughts on how to achieve this without having to open the Excel file every day?


  • May be you can post the script that you have into PERSONAL.XLS which opens by
    default and is hidden everytime you open excel.

    So you need not open your file :)

    Does this work?

    I will also be interested in reading the script you have written, if you don't mind putting it on this forum:thumbcoo:

  • Hi Matthieu and welcome to the board :)


    I'm on Mac OSX, using Microsoft Office X (Excel and Entourage)

    One reason for the low interest is that most of the regular visitors are on Windows and that we have no experience with Entourage and Mac :(

    Let me know how compatible VBA is between Mac and Windows and I will digg into it.