Change Source for Links to Excel charts from PowerPoint

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    Hey there,

    I have the data for different cities in multiple tabs of the same excel file. Each tab looks identical.

    I have created a ppt with all charts pasted in as links for NY. Now I've duplicated that ppt for each city but need to update the links to the different tabs.

    Any ideas?


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    Quote from wilsoff;588964

    I found an issue with my latest version...

    (1) It doesn't update the path properly - only the filename - not an issue if you kep everything in the same place
    (2) It can't handle paths / filenames with spaces in them

    I've tried for a couple of hours to fix it, but to no avail.

    Wish I had read this a little more carefully. With regard to (1) above, I had the old source file at C:\Desktop... and the new file on a mapped network drive L:\450361\Administration.... I ran some test and noted that the L was transformed into the network address for the drive name. The routine, as noted above, was not able to convert to the new path successfully.

    I tried copying the old/original source file to the L: drive, but that generated errors in this routine too.

    I have used this successfully in the past, but I can't figure out what's going wrong now.

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    Please excuse the thread revival, but what has been discussed here seems to be very close to the specific solution that I'm looking for.

    I have made a PPT presentation template that will be used to follow and track the progress of active projects. One slide per project, hundreds of projects at once. Here is the criteria I'm trying to match:

    The master slide is set up to have four groups of cells from an excel spreadsheet, actively linked into the presentation slide.
    Each project has its own excel spreadsheet.
    Each new slide needs to reference the same four groups of cells in the respective project spreadsheet.
    I need to have some type of automation for changing the source links for the template Excel sheets on each new slide as they are created.
    Ideally, I would be able to do this by running a macro for each new slide that would allow me to paste the new file name into a dialog box and just click enter, while the coding would swap out only the file name in the source links, keeping the range of cell groups needed and the PPT formatting of the objects in the new slide template.

    I like the idea of using VBA to create a macro for such a thing, but I am not experienced enough with coding to do so. The code previously talked about in this thread seems to be very close to what I want.