Formula to Calculate Distance Between Locations

  • Hi,

    Im working on a project. I'm trying to create a spreadsheet which will allow me to calculate distance between two points(just the cities will be fine) using google maps and will give me the milage in certain cells.


    I wanna put LOS ANGELES in A1 and CA in B1 PHILADELPHIA in C1 PA in D1 and i wanna get the distance (2699) in E1.

    Can anyone help please thank you so much in advance.

  • Re: I need some help please thanks in advance

    thanks a lot buddy
    the problem is im not half smart as I need to be to understand what that was on that site.
    Would you happen to know a simpler way for me to get around it?

  • Re: I need some help please thanks in advance


    See attached test file ... using Chip's formula



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