How to embed an entire excel worksheet in powerpoint using VBA

  • Hello.
    I have a specific problem.

    I need to embed/insert a whole excel sheet into a powerpoint presentation as an object.

    I have to use VBA to pull details from excel sheet and populate a PPT template. There is another workbook which is supposed to be inserted as an object, e.g. excel icon will be there in the powerpoint and on clicking it the the worksheet will open.

    Here is what I have been using:

    1. oPS=oPP.Slides(1)
    2. oPS.Shapes.AddOLEObject _
    3. Classname:="Excel.sheet",FileName:="abc.xls",DisplayAsIcon:=msoTrue

    where oPS is

    1. Dim oPS As Powerpoint.slide

    The error is am getting is:
    shapes(unknown member): invalid request

    There was some info on net but they were using ActivePresentation and I am creating macro in excel not in powerpoint.

    Sorry If a lot of what I say is not making much sense. I am a total newbie to VBA and this is a one off assignment. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Re: How to embed an entire excel worksheet in powerpoint using VBA

    I am really really sorry about that. Actually the deadline is this Monday itself and was rather desperate. So....
    Won't do it again. Promise.:smile:

    Will try out the code changes. Hope that it will work out.
    Thanks a lot for your efforts.

    Wishing you loads of good luck.

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    Sorry for late update. I tested it and it worked fine. Many thanks.

    There is only one thing still rattling me. Headers and footers. The Powerpoint I am using as template has a Slidemaster. I need to update the same via VBA.
    To be more clear I need to change the header text in all the slides.

    Currently I am doing something like this from excel.

    When I do this I get error saying:
    invalid request. Slides don't have headers.

    I might be doing something real stupid here. Any pointers???

  • Great..i need to insert excel in active slide not in new ppt file, can you please help me

    Also, instead of ( Filename:="E:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\abc.xlsm"). can i open specified location manually and select the excel file.

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