Hacks ,Hacks 2007, Hacks 2010?

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    Any plans for Hacks 2010?

    Hi Pike

    No, the last one was a real hard slog due to my speech loss. I would talk and Raina would type, but that no longer an option now :(

    FYI, Dennis sent me a free copy of his new book, Professional Excel Development. Great book for advanced VBA users. This book is thicker than most Phone books and comes with a free CD. Even if you don't read it, it will stop your car rolling down hill ;)

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    If you recommend Denis book it must be exceptional.
    I did noticed that RAINA was the Author of the 2007 workbooks. I assumed she was the brains behind the outfit. I didnt realise / know of your impediment. She must be some sorta woman. Any how,you know the aussie way,focus on the good and stir when possible.

    It dosent seam that long ago I purchased your first tutorial and was then hooked on OZGrid.
    I think they were $40 then and the best investment in my vb development.
    I use to get into allsorts of trouble trying to answer posts, but you encouraged , helped out , gave time and script.(Stuwie avatar very fitting)

    OZgrid has come a long way since then. Your unquie direction and attention to titles (also programing style) has made OZgrid the intenational standard in VB search help. Well done.

    appreciative Peter (pike)

  • Just for fun, the very first version of Excel Hacks, I worked on with Dave, something we discussed long before Oz hit the world as Dave had brilliant readership to his newsletter and strong reader base

    before put the shelf, Dave posted a signed copy to RoyUK and myself (think it was RoyUK)

    There were a couple of named guys that added Hacks are credited for their work in the publication, I even found a place where the electronic version was downloadable, Dave was not bothered by this and said ah… let ‘em have it enjoy

    I still have the copy on my shelf, and have kept it from Day one, sadly Dave did not sign it to Jack, but the words read “that’s for all your help” signed Dave Hawley. I guess it one of many give away to launch the book and was given to a few, still a nice thought and posted from Oz to London was very kind


  • Hi Jack In The UK ... that's a nice story.

    I still have my Excel Hacks book, from 2004 ... I was buying Excel books for the first time back then, after 15 years of self-teaching by just exploring Excel, and this was the only book I bought that taught me some things I didn't already know. I was very pleased and impressed, and is the only book from that time that I still have.

  • Thanks for the reply Glen, wonderful you have your copy of Excel Hacks,

    As you get to know Excel you find you know less than you did before and develop your style which is important. As long as the task gets done and works as you want then all is good

    Hacks are great and all the tricks you can learn makes things fun and amazing when others see or you show off you latest find