Code To Generate Data Table Based On Variables

  • Hello,
    I was trying to use the VBA code to generate a data table:

    and it kept giving me an input celll not valid error on this line:
    Selection.Table ColumnInput:=RefCell
    the thing is, I have defined RefCell as a range object, so it should be OK rite?
    Please help!


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    I think that "Selection" is activesheet dependent. So essentially, you are specifying a cell on a different sheet for your columninput argument. Perhaps you should define a variable of type range named TableRange and set it equal to the selection on sheet Calculator. Then you should be able to use TableRange.Table ColumnInput = RefCell. I've never dealt with a Range.Table object via VBA before so this is all a best guess on my part.



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    I think these part also be changed.

    1. Set initialCell = ActiveSheet.Cells(initialRow, 1)
    2. Range(initialCell, initialCell.Offset(numRows, numCol)).Select '-------->make range
    3. Selection.Table ColumnInput:=RefCell '------->it seems that RefCell can't be other sheet range

    Regards/Junho Lee

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  • Re: Code To Generate Data Table Based On Variables

    ok, tested and confirmed, there is no way a data table could take a reference cell on another sheet...
    And my work around is actually to reference the other way round, i.e., set up the formula so that the actual calculator sheet would find the ID number from the data table, which worked for me as well.
    Hope this helps for anyone who have similar problems. Thanks!