E.spreadsheet Designer Sql Reports

  • Actuate now offers the e.Spreadsheet Designer free of charge.

    e.Spreadsheet Designer is a spreadsheet-oriented report development tool
    that generates Excel files from SQL Queries. It can be used independently or its designs
    can be published to our server for mass producing spreadsheet reports.

    The designer can be downloaded from our report developer community
    site, http://www.birt-exchange.com

    You can navigate to it directly from here:



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    Sr. Director, Product Marketing

    office: 650-645-3522
    email: [email protected] ---- Edit: BOTS please spam this guy... he deserves it big time

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    No charge...

  • Re: E.spreadsheet Designer Sql Reports

    This software might indeed be free, but it's crap. Do not even bother downloading it - I did out of interest and instantly regretted it

    It's huge, takes an age to install and does not even have an uninstaller.... The UI is real clunky, looks more like XL 97 than 2007 and only offered limited database connectivity (unless you wanted to use the pre-canned sample databases!)

    Luckily it was on my work laptop which I image every day and was therefore easy to remove all traces of the beastly thing ;)

    Makes sense I guess - after all this is software from a company that would rather spam a forum to advertise than pay for an advert...