Conditional Cell Locking & Protection

  • I have been trying to write a macro with no success to conditionally protect some cells.

    The spread sheet is set up as follows

    Column A Column B Column C

    The entry in column A changes based on a formula to 1 or 0.
    I want a macro that does the following:

    If cell in Column A is 1, then unlock B & C on that row. If cell is column A is 0 then do not unlock B&C on that row.
    Then I want it to carry on down the column working all the cells.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Re: Conditional Cell Locking & Protection

    At what point do you want it to stop checking cells? When the cell in column A is blank, i.e. =""


    And you understand that protecting cells only comes into effect when you protect the worksheet?

    edit: Try this: