Index & Match Multiple Items/Criteria

  • I've read the how to for finding the nth occurrence using index/match but the example given does not really help solve my issue.

    The file I've attached is a condensed version of the actual file, which has more columns but I deleted all but the necessary ones for clarity.

    What I am trying to accomplish:

    On sheet1 there are three columns, Business, Amount, and Closing Date.

    Not all the business names have a closing date and the spreadsheet is sorted alphabetically by business name, so sorting by closing date, and using the method used in the topic "find the nth occurrence in excel", is not an option.

    On sheet2, I would like to see ALL the business names that have a closing date in the respective month, as opposed to just the first. Then to the right of the business names I have the sum of all the amounts in that month, but I figured out how to get that one already.

    If someone can please let me know if this is possible in the way I need it to be completed that would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

  • Re: Index/match Multiple Items

    Another option: use Advanced Filter with criteria and use the option to copy the list to a new location. As mentioned by PCI, make dates actual, bonafide dates. For the AF criteria you can use >"" (not blank), since the only criteria you specified is that the row contain a closing date.