Blackjack (21) Game Upgrade

  • Again using help found in these posts and in questions that the super helpers in this forum provided (thanks guys - you are great!) I have created an big upgrade to the Blackjack game found in the "Games" section of this forum.

    The file is too large to add to this post, so send me a note (Radioflyer54) to get your open copy!

    The game is based on the original realization by Carlos Rondäo - he had great cards in his version, so I added new features and transcribed the original code written in Portuguese. You can see more details in the comments for the Blackjack game found in the Games section.

    The code is well commented English so should be comprehensible for most readers.

    I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the code - to make it more efficient, effective or whatever. Permission is granted to use the code anyway you want with the exception of for commercial purposes.