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  • I have used the macro below to send e-mail successfully to one recipient but I am having difficultly altering it to send to mulitple addressees. I am certain I have overlooked the obvious and would appreciate someone putting me out of my misery. Thanks in advance.


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    Try :


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    You have not used code tags correctly, use them like this:


    1. Your Code Here


    Also please watch your spelling in thread titles. If its not correct after you posted you can edit it yourself.

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    Hi, samuraimike.
    if you have a list of email addresses in your worksheet, you can apply the following code to send a message to all the recipients in your worksheet list.

    The following link has another code help you to send the active workbook as attachment,please try it.

    Hope it can help you.

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    Hi bbccmm,

    Do you know how to alter your code so you dont have to select the code manually every time? If you have 100 sheets with all the emails in Column Q where each sheet has different amount of sheets eg sheet1 5 emails, sheets2 1 email, sheet 55 has 40 emails.