VBA: Excel Data disply any grid in form ? help pls

  • Are you asking how to display worksheet data in a spreadsheet control that is on a User Form or are you wanting to display worksheet data in some type of datagrid on a user form?

  • In the VBE click on your form, right click on the Toolbox form then click on "Additional Controls" look for "Microsoft Office Spreadsheet xx" where xx is the version number of the office application. Click on the selection you want and the control will be added to the toolbox. Drag the spreadsheet control to your form. You can then change the properties of the control in the properties window. Do the same for other controls you wish to add to the form. The spreadsheet control works the same as a normal spreadsheet as far as the objects and methods. For some odd reason the spreadsheet control actually has 18,278 columns and 262,144 rows way more than a standard worksheet.