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  • I am somewhat new to VBA. I have culled some information here and there from this forum. It has given me a general beginning understanding of a few vba functions. However, I would like to purchase a VBA book that can possibly do 2 things:

    1) Walk me through step-by-step how to use and implement some common and helpful VBA functions. (I am a quick learner, so it doesn't have to be too basic, but not too advanced in that it doesn't actually tell me how to implement anything).

    2) Serve well as a reference book (not just a tutorial).

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    I've been going through Excel 2007 Power Programming with VBA by John Walkenbach. It starts out with the basics of VBA, but covers a lot of ground. It also has several appendices at the back that make a good reference and a CD with workbooks showing the code in the book at work. There's a version for Excel 2003 as well.

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    If you want another recommendation I've used "Excel 2002 VBA: Programmers Reference" and found it useful. I think there are various versions. Can't remember the authors' names apart from a Mr Bullen.

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    Great, thanks guys!

    And just for clarification, most of these lines of books should have one relevant for Excel 2003 (which is what I'm using), correct?

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    But don't buy the xl2003 VBA Programmer's Reference as Bullen, Bovey and Green (those behind the 2002 version) weren't involved in the production of the 2003 version (and it's consequently nowhere near as good). All the xl2002 stuff will apply to xl2003, so you won't be losing anything (much) by going for the 2002 version.

    I personally think the Walkenbach book is better for a beginner though

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    I agree,I have the Walkenbach book and it is even understandable for me,being a newb.

    edit,Just saw this thread is from more than 2 years ago :P ,doesn't make the book less good ofc. :)

  • I know this post is a quite old but I would also like to reaffirm that John Walkenbach's Power Programming with VBA is excellent as a learning tool as well as a reference guide. I have the 2013 version which includes downloadable example files from the authors website. I have borrowed a few of his examples and modified to suit my needs.

  • There is so much VBA documentation that any information is a google away.

    That said, I used VBA for Dummies and Excel for Windows 95 Power Programming with VBA. It sounds dated, but I learned this last year. Not much has changed (the only thing is the stupid ribbon prevents good customized controls).

    I can't really recommend either of these as good books, but they work just fine.

  • Hello,

    When it comes to explaining things clearly and simply ... look no further than the MASTER :

    John Walkenbach


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