Hand Cursor For Control Commandbutton

  • Hi,

    I'm using commandbutton in a worksheet, and would like it to have the same cursor displayed as the 'forms' control.... for some reason, it remains an 'arrow' when the forms becomes a hand.

    I've identified the 'mousepointer' property, as well as the 'mouseicon' properties; however, it appears that for some reason, I don't have the hand-cursor icon on my system. (i've searched the hard disk, and apparently this is not entirely uncommon according to some posts I've found around the internet).

    So my question/favor to ask is:
    1) where can i find the standard windows xp system scheme "link select" hand-cursor
    (control panel->mouse->mouse pointers... last one)

    2) I believe its filename is "hand-l.cur"..... if anyone reading this post can quickly check their \windows\cursors directory for this file, and reply/upload it, I would be very grateful.

    Many Thanks,

  • Re: Hand Cursor For Control Commandbutton

    Quote from Andy Pope

    thanks andy, but i already tried that one, and the hand cursor they provide is a deformed looking one....[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]here is a snapshot of my screen (printscreen unfortunately don't capture cursors... :p) -- it shows the difference between the (proper) windows system cursor, and what the hand.cur icon from the link above renders like over a command button

    the first one is the standard windows 'link select' cursor that appears over a forms-button (looks good)

    the second one (in the dark grey box), is the from the hand.cur icon file (converted to bmp, imported into excel for comparision), for which the link was given above... as you'll notice, it looks significantly different and amateur.... (fatter hand, thumb sticks out too much , etc.)

    the last one is when the hand.cur icon is inserted as the 'mouseicon' for the command button, and hovering over it. it appears that some extra shadow is rendered, for some reason, when the cursor hovers above the commandbutton ... (any ideas why?)

    so, as the hand.cur cursor provided above is a bit mutant looking, which is made worse when rendered with extra shadow (some vb thing?)..... i'm looking for a bit of sympathy here and would like to pretty please ask once again:

    could someone please share their \windows\cursor\hand-l.cur file?
    one such small gesture would be greatly appreciated.

    many thanks,