Keeping Text On Top Of A Picture

  • Hi all,
    I've searched, but found no answer.
    I have a worksheet that has four names arranged in a square:

    Smith Jones
    Davis Peters

    The names are populated by a vlookup and each set of 4 is different for up to 36 groups.
    I want to put a picture as a backround under name 1 in each group. I thought "order" would place the formula/name on top of the picture, but nooooooo! I will manually add the picture to each cell that I need it in, but would like the formula to populate the names.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Re: Keeping Text On Top Of A Picture

    Pictures, shapes, charts and objects are all displayed on a layer above the cells.
    You can use a picture as sheet background but this will cover the whole sheet.

    One possible solution is to add textboxes to the sheet and position those over each picture.
    The textboxes can then be linked to the cells which contain the names you want displayed.