Freeze Panes VBA Without Select

  • So if its not the open/visible worksheet, then would we have to activate it, or is there a way to select the worksheet without activating it? Or failing all that is there a way to guarantee that the open sheet/visible sheet is the one we want to work with?

  • Try this

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  • Hi All,

    It seems like everyone is making near misses with their answers. I searched all over regarding the same question, with null results, but then I came up with a work around, so I thought I'd share:

    Sub FreezePanesWithoutSelect()

    LastLoc = ActiveCell.Address

    Range("A13").Select 'Just select any cell on the row where you want to freeze panes

    ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = True


    End Sub

    Although you are still using Select, you end up back where you started, so the end result as far as the user is concerned is the same as if no selection was made.