[Solved] VBA: 2 question

  • Hello Everyone:

    I have two questions regarding VBA.

    1. When using a textbox on a userform, if the person does not enter information how do I stop the userform from proceeding? I know that I can add a message box that says “please enter name’ or whatever but if the user hits the ok button my userform just proceeds to the next userform when really I don’t want this to move on without the information in the textbox.

    2. If I have a combobox and the user picks one of the categories how do I change the font colour for all categories that meet this requirement? For example, I have ten choices that all have four attributes the combobox allows you to select an attribute after that the combobox is selected and I want to be able to change the font colour for all categories that met this specific attribute.

    Hope this is clearly explained. I am kind of in over my head. In advance I would like to thank everyone for their assistance. This website has been a godsend.