Delete Rows Based On Partial Match

  • Hi,

    I currently have a speadsheet that looks similar to the following:

    SVRW_67 784598 475395u
    SVRW_34 fdsjsjdf 734978
    CAT_56 ghdrhad gaghadh
    CAT_67 48578 8943539

    I'm trying to create a macro that will delete all rows with "CAT" in the REF column.
    I've searched this site and struggled trying to adapt other methods listed and got nowhere. Any help greatly appreciated!


  • Re: Delete Rows Based On Partial Text Match Criteria.


    If your reference is in column A, I think this will work.



  • Re: Delete Rows Based On Partial Text Match Criteria.

    Here's an AutoFilter approach. Assumes your data starts in A1. It's done on the basis that the cell contains CAT rather than starts with CAT.

  • Hello! I have used this post to write several macros! I'm now trying to adapt it to be able to find and delete Dates.. Specifically 'today' and 'Yesterday'... I'm struggling.. very beginner at macros i google everything

    i know the code needs adjusted, currently doesn't work... hoping for any help!