Change Shape Color Based On Combo Box Selection

  • Hi all,

    I am trying to use a userform (Combo Box) to update my named cell "Aircraft1" then based on the value selected change the color of an object.

    The code works great if I manually enter the value in the cell "Aircraft1", however if the dropdown list selects the value the object does not update its color.

    Is there a way to update the cell via a combo box, and then have the VB code change the color of the object?

    Thanks in advance for any possible solution to my problem.

    This is my code:

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    As you have found out, selecting from a validation list does not trigger a Change event. Controling the arrow's color is easiest when done at the same time as filling the cell.

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    I believe I follow what you are saying. I tried to run the code after re-naming combobox "Drop Down 357" to ComboBox1, but it never updates "Aircraft1" cell, nor changes the object "arrow1" color. Could this be because I have used the Excel Forms Combobox feature vice creating in VBA?

    Please pardon my VBA knowledge as I am trying to learn some basics here.

    Thanks again for any hlep on my problem.

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    The original post said that the combo box was on a userform. The code I gave should go in the code module for the Userform.

    If the dropdown is from the Forms Menu (not the Toolbox, that's a third kind of combobox.)
    Assign the combobox to this macro (after ajusting the names in the macro.)

  • Buenas!, estoy tratando de realizar la misma operacion , tengo experiencia en excel pero no en estos metodos.

    me podrías explicar el codigo que te funciono ?

    yo quiero hacer algo similar tener en el desplegable 3 palabras,


    2-En proceso

    3- sin intervencion

    al 1 aplicarle color verde

    al 2 amarillo

    al 3 gris.

    al elemento .shapes.

    pero no entiendo ... si alguien me da una mano genial ! gracias!

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