Multi-level Data Validation

  • This is not cool yet, but might be with some clean up.

    There are frequently questions in the forum about multi-level validation (changing an entry in one drop-down list causes the validation for downstream drop-downs to change). The attachment illustrates an approach that might be refined to do this conveniently. Changing A1 changes the validation for B1; and changing B1 changes validation for C1. It could be extended as deeply as desired.

    One enhancement would be to automatically generate the validation formulas in A2:C2, and the validation table in A3:C36 with a macro.

    Suggestions invited and welcome.


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  • Re: Multi-level Data Validation

    Hi SHG, that is an impressive SELF POPULATING of CATEGORIES, this is a massive time saver!

    I like to make an EDOT if it. At a glance I don't see any DEFINED NAME RANGE or MACROs, how have you done this?

  • Re: Multi-level Data Validation

    On looking further in Module1, this code simple enough to edit, but expanding DATA VALIDATION beyond current A-D doesn't work, however populating categories works if follow formula use: