Combobox Not Updating

  • I have hundreds of combobox's that provide a list of names (few thousand names).

    I have it set up so a user can select anyone from the combobox for the line of data they are working on.

    The problem is, if I add data to the list that is populated by the combo box, the combo box doesn't always update.

    the combo box link to the data by named range (list on another sheet in same workbook), and the named range is automatically updated when an entry is added (so the range is correct), but the combo boxes still won't update all the time. The strange part is...sometimes they do. Very weird.

    Any suggestions?

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    You possibly need to tell Excel to update your Comboboxes. Try right clicking the combobox and selecting "view code". Excel will go to the VB code editing window and automatically create code like this:

    1. Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()
    2. End Sub

    insert the line

    1. DoEvents

    so the code looks like

    1. Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()
    2. DoEvents
    3. End Sub

    Your problem might be completely unrelated but you never know.

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    just a stab in the dark. check your combo boxes to see if they have been embedded?

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    Just trying to help. Why not try it on a combobox you know is not working correctly, then you at least know it is or isn't a solution?

    Two other reasons come to mind. If Excel crashed with your worksheet open in the past and you accepted and saved Excel's recovered version, you may be working with some corrupted controls. The other reason I can think of is the admittedly unlikely one of there being code somewhere that is shifting the focus off the Combobox before it updates.


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    thanks to all. Going to try both checking if embedded, then run the code on one of the combo boxes not working. There definetly may be corrupt things going on here. The sheets have crashed before, but this would be a nightmare if it is.

    Its the strangest thing, because it works, then doesn't work, then works, etc. Never seen anything like it.

    Will post back with results.

    thanks for all your help everyone!!