Print Pdf And Email In Outlook

  • Hi,

    I have read through several of the previous posts about printing an excel file to pdf, but none of them really do what I want to do. So I guess it's fair to post a new post about this common subject.

    I have Adobe installed on my computer. Here are the steps that I want to do...

    1. Select an area starting from A1 down to the last populated row in column A and over to let's say column B.

    2. Save the range as a pdf, without having to name the file manully. So let's just say vba automatically saves the file as "file1.pdf" on the c drive.

    4. Repeat step 1 and 2 with a different range and different file name. So let's say in the second run it highlights C1 down to the last populated rown in column B and over to column D. Then saves it as "file2.pdf" on he c drive.

    3. Attach file1.pdf and file2.pdf to an outlook email and send it to [email protected] & [email protected]

    I greatly appreciate your help on this.

    Thank you.