Insert Picture From Folder

  • Hi,

    I am using the code below to insert and resize images in excel. I was wondering is it possible to set up this macro so that I can just provide the directory and then have it so that just a random image is inserted rather than specifying an jpg number. The reason i need this is because the numbers in the folder range from 00000 to upto 20000 however not every folder has the full range of images i.e. Z:\Singapore\Singapore Turf\Singapore Turf Club 2\QEII Cup 2006\QEII Cup 2006_VD\Millenium Copthorne International\TVGI Race Name Text\ may just contain one image and that would be image number 03965.

    The other thing I would like to do is to have the name of the las 2 subfolders inserted into the cell above the image so for the example below you would have:

    Millenium Copthorne International\TVGI Race Name Text

    Millenium Copthorne International\TVGI Race Name Logo

    Is this possible?

  • Re: Insert Picture From Folder

    Ok I have the insert/resize random image thing working any ideas how to get the last two sub directorys to be inserted above the Jpeg?