Formulas Not Updating Automatically

  • Hi,

    I've just completed a macro that transfers data from sheet(1) to sheet(2).

    In both sheet(1) and sheet(2) there are formula entered into cells but these do not autoupdate any more (they do if you hit Save however).

    In sheet(2) the numbers get imported in via VBA but the formulas to add them all together are normal formulas in the cells themselves and do not react to the values that get pasted in via code. In sheet(1) the data is manually entered -

    For example, if I try to change C4 from 4 in sheet(1) to 10 the formula in I4 should update but it doesn't. :( How can I get it to react to changes automatically again? I've enclosed the workbook so you can see what I mean when you start changing values in both sheets.

  • Re: Formulas Failing To Update Automatically


    Your options are set to manual calculation. So press F9 to calculate.

    To go back to automatic calculation, go to Tools - Options - Calculate and switch on automatic again.

    Hope this helps.