Validation List From Another Sheet

  • Hi All,

    Kindly find attached the Report file .

    I prepared two sheet in this file and also add my question in the file.

    my question is about validation selection and get data from other sheet.

    waiting for reply.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Jigar Parekh


    • report.xls

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  • Re: Validation Selection And Get Data From Other Sheet

    See Using the List Option to Reference a List on Another Worksheet

    jigar987, you only just recently told me you had read and understood the rules. You have now totally ignored rule 5.


    Ensure Your question is not too vague. Never assume anyone is familiar with your problem. While you can upload/download small attachments you MUST ALWAYS FULLY DESCRIBE YOUR PROBLEM IN THE POST TEXT. If you cannot be bothered to clearly explain your problem, don't expect anyone to bother helping for free. While the person helping may be a true Guru, however, in regards to your problem, he/she can only know what you tell them.


    I'm deleting this and going with your Thread Title as your workbook has multiple questions and the rules clearly state


    It is one question per Thread and that question MUST have a Thread Title in accordance with rule 1. If you find any consequent questions come about (as they often do) and they do not fit under the current Thread Title, start a New Thread with a Thread Title in accordance with rule 1.