sendmail on Windows XP

  • Hi,

    the command used is:

    1. activeworkbook.sendmail cMail, cSubj
    2. 'cMail contains email address
    3. 'cSubj contains email Subject

    the abv works well with Windows 2000 OS but gives an error in the Windows XP environment.

    Cud not trap the error (using msgbox error(err)) so not sure what causes error.

    any advise wud be greately appreciated.

  • Re: sendmail on Windows XP


    I think in order for sendmail to work, the email client (i.e. either Mricrosoft Outlook or Outlook Express need to be loaded first)?

    If the email client is not loaded, the sendmail will not work in the Windows XP environment (i think)?

    initially, my colleague tested the sendmail macro in the Windows XP PC, there is a "on error" command prior to the "sendmail" as follows:

    1. on error goto xxx
    2. sendmail cEmail, cComments

    and the program did not execute the sendmail command and go direct to xxx

    After I loaded Outlook, then the macro start to work.

    Is this correct?

    Is there a way to load the email client (if it is not already loaded) prior to executing the sendmail command?


  • Re: sendmail on Windows XP

    Hi Roy,

    my colleague is using XP operating sys, Office 2003. it seems he still has the problem i.e. did not execute "sendmail" and go directly to "xxx"

    on error goto xxx
    activeworkbook.sendmail cEmail, cComments

    he is using Outlook Express as the email client and Outlook Express is open when the macro is running.

    I simulated the scenario using the same environment but is working fine. Any idea what cud have caused the error?

    Have also checked that under Internet Explorer, the email program is set as "Outlook Express"

    My colleague tried the macro on a non-XP PC using Outlook Express and has no problems.

    Wud appreciate your valuable advise.