Additional Utilities

  • I've created an add-in that I think many users would find useful. It has the following main features:

    1) Unique Values form - allows you to select multiple ranges from multiple workbooks when generating a unique values list.

    2) Dynamic Range creator - the form creates a non-volatile dynamic range that cope with spaces. As far as I'm aware, this is more sophisticated than any other dynamic ranges I've seen. Also has a named ranges manager form.

    3) Advanced Lookup - creates Index / Match formulae for left lookups. Can also do horizontal equivalent, SUMIFs, COUNTIFs etc.

    4) COLOURSUM - Can sum by colour even with relative referenced conditional formatting.

    5) Paste Contents - Equivalent to the standard paste special-formulas feature, but leaves relative references unchanged. Follows all the paste conventions e.g. with filtered lists, multiple selections etc (no mean feat).

    It comes with full instructions, which can be exported to Word. I'm as pleased as punch with it, and would encourage everyone to give it a try (the code is not protected). It's too big to upload here, but I'll happily email it to anyone who's interested ([email protected]). It's a little under a meg.

  • Re: Additional Utilities

    I've included a proper chm compiled help file with it now, to replace the Useform-based help. If anyone who has the old version wants an update, just email me.