Cell's stated change depends on Input

  • A samplified problem is described as following:

    Let Cell A1 has a value of either "Input" or "Output"

    If Cell A1.value = Input Then
    Cell B1 will allows the user to input data into it, this data will be use as part of the input of a formula for other cell.

    If Cell A1.value = Output Then
    Cell B1.value will be the result of the formula from Cell C1, B1 will also be locked so the user could not change it.

    Please help, Many Thanks

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    You have 16,777,216 cells on each worksheet - why try complex solutions when you could just use another cell ?

    Basically, your cell should either take an input OR contain a formula - you have a real bad design issue/requirement if you need the cell to switch between either IMHO.

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    Hi, and Welcome to Ozgrid

    Sounds like you are looking for something like

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    Thank you for a fast reply.

    Thank you for the solution, does the macro change the cell B1 as soon as I change the value in A1, or I need to run the macro myself?
    If it is the later case. how can I set it up so that the cell B1 will update itself as soon as the value in A1 have changed?

    Thank you.