formula to figure out if 90 days past due

  • What would be the formula I could use to see if something was 90 days past due? I've entered the date of 4/30/05 in column A1 on the spreadsheet and 90 or more in column B1. I'd like the formula to calculate if something was 90 days or greater past due.

    Thank you

  • Re: formula to figure out if 90 days past due

    Try this


    Where N12 is the latest date, and N13 is the original date


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  • Re: formula to figure out if 90 days past due


    I wasnt sure if you were to count working days (i.e. monday - friday), or just ALL days... here are two formulas you need anyway.

    'this is for caluclating working days between two dates

    'this is for calulating all days (including Sat and Sun) between two dates.

    NB - you might need to Add in the Analysis Toolpak to get the Networkdays function to work.

    You can then apply conditional formatting on the cell if more than 90 days.


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