Combobox output row number as well.

  • Hello all,

    The different types of combobox (from either the form or control toolbox) either output a number relative to the position in the array (form toolbox), or output the value chosen (control toolbox) to the linked cell.

    Is it possible to output the value (as shown in the attachment) as well as either the row number or the position in the array into another cell?



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  • Re: Combobox output row number as well.


    Whilst you can return the other bits of information you can not return ALL the information at once, unless you want to decode the returned value.

    If you add Index and Row information to the listitems you can change the Boundcolumn to return different information.
    Use this in conjunction with the ColumnWidths property to hide the extra information.

    The attached contains 3 dropdown controls each working of the same input but returning different information about the current choice.


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