looping through a collection of fonts

  • My significant other just acquired a load of fonts, and she was trying to create samples of the approximately 200 fonts manually! Ick!

    I told her I thought I could automate the sampling process in Excel, and looked for some guidance on looping through the fonts as a colection using something like

    1. For each x in y 'The reference I can't get.
    2. 'Some code here to enter in cells, which I can figure out
    3. next x

    OOPS. I can't find any way to do it!

    This ought to be really easy, and as a wise old fart once told me, "If it's too hard, you're doing it wrong."

    Anyone know how to do this?


  • Re: looping through a collection of fonts


    This is not my code, I can't remember were I got it put it should do the trick