Pivot Table Column Formats

  • I have a Pivot Table in which I modified the widths of several columns by using the columnwidth approach:

    Selection.ColumnWidth = 15

    where spreadsheet columns F thru H coincide with the columns in the Pivot Table that I want to modify. The problem with this approach is that the widths do not remain the same after you make a selection(s) using the table's pivot filter. The updated table resorts back to the default pivot table columnwidth. Is there a better approach that would ensure that the columnwidths remain static and per my specified widths?


    Mel B.

  • Re: Pivot Table Column Formats

    I tried this earlier, but if you already had chosen one of the pre-defined auto formats in the Table Format option (as in my case), the format is destroyed when you uncheck the AutoFormat Table option.

    Any other thoughts?