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  • I have a Picture called "Picture 1" on a worksheet.

    In Excel 97 can I rotate this in a macro in VBA

    If you select the Format Picture option the Rotation part is greyed out

    Re Dave

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    Here is some VAB i have written for you, copy teh code into a module and assign a command button to trigger the code, should be ok.


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    Hi Jack

    Tried this but will not rotate,

    I do not get an error and the picture is being selected

    Is it Excel 97 as in Excel XP you get an option to rotate in properties.

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    The option to rotate is also not available in xl2k either.

    You can rotate autoshapes, but if you use a picture as the fill although the shape rotates the picture does not.


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    I am using Excel xp and the code works ok if the Picture is called 2 ie Picture 2 as in the code you have Picture 1 so you might need to edit that part.

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    So i assumed would be ok as you are using excel xp also. Make sure the picture name ie 1 is correct and re try it.I have just re tewsted this code on each click teh picture rotates 90 degrees clockwise

    1. Sub J_R_RotatePicture()
    2. ' written by: Jack in the UK
    3. ' [url][/url]
    4. ' excel xp
    5. ActiveSheet.Shapes("Picture 1").Select
    6. Selection.ShapeRange.IncrementRotation 90#
    7. End Sub
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    Yes my PC is Excel XP but I am helping a friend who only has Excel 97.

    I did edit the pictue name.

    I assume its an Excel 97 limitation.

    Many thanks

    Re Dave