Again! Eliminate pop up

  • Hi guys,

    with interest I've followed the threat 'bout the pop up elimination.
    And I must say, the options suggested, I did already find these in the help file. :roll:
    BUT I can't seem to get it working properly for me! :poly:

    I have a userform in my personal.xls with buttons to open several, freq.used files by me.
    In order to administrate my timesheet I've created a summary workbook in which I collect a copy of the timesheets I fill in. In those sheets are links who cause a pop up with the options to update or leave the links as they are.
    I used both the options :

    1. Application.DisplayAlerts = False
    2. ActiveWorkbook.UpdateRemoteReferences = False

    I placed it in the userform code which opens the files.
    I've placed it in the ThisWorkbook workbook code from the file with the links, but the :rambo: pop up still appears.

    Can anyone help me out.
    Thanx in advance,

  • Are you getting the error when you open the workbook????

    Try these suggestions, but I've never used them so I don't know if they'll work.

    First try "Application.AskToUpdateLinks = True"

    Or try checking out the help for



    expression.Open(FileName, UpdateLinks, ReadOnly, Format, Password, WriteResPassword, IgnoreReadOnlyRecommended, Origin, Delimiter, Editable, Notify, Converter, AddToMRU)

    as you can see there is an UpdateLinks property.


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  • I'm pretty sure that there is a way to for the updating of links. Using this first method I believer that after the workbook has been opened you'll need to force the updating of links.

    For that you'll need to check out the updateLink property for the workbook.