USD$45 Create wb with filtered results based on multiple steps

  • Hey Guys,

    I am pretty new to VBA and trying to learn all this stuff. I have been trying to find a code or put together a code to accomplish the following set of tasks.

    I want excel to scan each row in my sheet 2 that meet two criteria. One criteria is that column J = active and Column M = Follow Up.
    If the criteria is met, then I want Excel to scan each row in sheet 1 or filter the data in sheet 1 that equal to cell value in column d and column g in sheet 2.
    I want those rows that are filtered to then be copied to a new workbook and pasted. I want the title of the workbook to equal the value of cell in column a of sheet 2. I want that new workbook to then be saved as a PDF and then closed.

    Essentially, I want to be able to have a macros check for clients who need a follow up, for those who need a follow up, copy listings from one sheet that match their criteria and paste them into a new workbook for that client. Save that workbook as their name as a pdf so I can later email that client the pdf file.

    I have no idea how to code this. I have tried but have come up short on all the macros I have tried. I am willing to pay $45 for this to get done ASAP. I have already paid ozgrid the 10%. any additional information needed I am sorry I have not already mentioned it and will answer any questions needed.[ATTACH=CONFIG]73922[/ATTACH]

  • Re: USD$45 Create wb with filtered results based on multiple steps

    Quote from Krishnakumar;800275

    One question. There are 7 records for the following selection

    Bdrms Prince Range
    1 Under $2500

    How you go about this one ?

    When you say how do I go about this one, can you clarify? I have a formula in column g which is "=IFS(F2<=2000,'Category information'!$A$2,F2<=2500,'Category information'!$A$3,F2<=3000,'Category information'!$A$4,F2<=3500,'Category information'!$A$5," I have a sheet for random data needed.

    I hope this helps? if not, I can try to be clearer.