Multiple Recipients in a range, on various workbooks

  • Gd Morning all,

    I am building a VBA spreadsheet and i am stuck on the last few parts and would greatly appreciate any help with the coding.
    The last 2 things im stuck with are:

    Workbook i have created so far takes a raw data dump, splits it by Name and by region in a separate workbooks. After it selects the people the person is responsible for and takes the unique values and dumps them in Column P, followed by a vlookup on these unique values and dumps the persons email in Q( there can be 1 email, there could be 5 or there could be 20 the number changes per workbook)

    1) The first problem i am having is: i want my formula to go through each worksheet and to pick up the emails in Q2:QX and to put them in the email in the TO row as a string, (please note each workbook has various amount of emails). In Q1 i have the Person whos responsible for all the below in Q2:QX therefor i want the Q1 value to go in to the CC

    2) The second part which im slightly stick on is getting to send from a different email, i dont want it coming from my mail but froma different email which i do have access.

    the code is as followed:

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Re: Multiple Recipients in a range, on various workbooks

    Sorry, with anyone looking at the above monster i have created. the 2nd question as long as you have permission you can use a simple formula as

    1. .SentOnBehalfOfName = "[email protected]

    this would go above the .To command

    hope this helps all the junior vba stalkers like myself.