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  • Losing my mind searching for hours for something that many will find easy.

    On Sheet 1 Column 1 I have several codes that are represented again in Sheet2 but on this sheet showing the components of the code immediately underneath. I need to link each code on Sheet 1 A:A to the matching cell on Sheet 2 B:B

    Cell A1 already contains a link but done manually. As they're many codes in Sheet 1 A:A , I'm looking for an automatic way to create the remaining 75 codes :)


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  • Re: Hyperlink to cell in another sheet

    Formula in D2:

    =HYPERLINK("#'Sheet2'!B" & MATCH(A2,Sheet2!B:B,0),A2)

    Copy down as needed. Feel free to cut/paste as new col B, hide existing col A.

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