Help with shifting table columns

  • So, I have a main excel doc with a (smart?) table on it,a nd I’m constantly add more columns into it. this wouldn't be a problem if other excel files didn't pull data from the main doc.
    whenever I add in a new column, it breaks all the formulas on the other doc. I[FONT="Verdana"]s there away to assign a name to a doc so that is can be used in a different file evenif the column is shifted over?
    Tables have special name for columns (Data[@Tags], Data is table name, tag iscolumn name), is this the right way to do it or is there something more efficient?

  • Re: Help with shifting table columns

    What kind of formula are you using that adding a new table is breaking the formula?

    Also, if possible, can you change source table design? Ideally, new data should be being added as rows, not additional columns.

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