MS Access import text files and assign records to a relationship table $70

  • I am looking to hire someone to add some finishing touches, efficiency and error handling to the VBA code and Userforms in an MS Access db that I have created.

    To do:
    1) add error handling to the current import code for the .txt files - or write a new code for this.
    2) edit the userforms to operate in a user-friendly manner. Fix errors, and inefficiencies.

    I will provide the file upon hiring.

    thank you.

  • Re: MS Access import text files and assign records to a relationship table $70

    This is a 'free' forum, if you wish to pay for a solution you should post in the Hire Help forum (I will move this thread if you agree).

    One of the conditions of posting in the Hire Help forum is that you pay 10% of your offer price via PayPal to [email protected]. The remainder is paid to whoever takes the assignment, upon delivery.

    Only those members who have shown their ability with Excel & VBA can accept assignments via HH and I wouldn't worry too much about no one accepting this, there are quite a few members who watch the HH forum like hawks...

    You will also need to upload a copy of the file with some representative, sample data, preferably anonymised. This is so anyone considering the project can accurately gauge the amount of work needed and verify the sample data is sufficient to illustrate the requirement.

    This thread will be locked until you decide if it is to go in the HH forum and payment of the 10% - but just to keep others out for the moment.