Multiple IFs AND OR

  • Below is the EXCEL code which I am trying but couldn't get thru it, efforts appreciate

    if the 1st IF is satisfied it should throw 0.5 or 1 as the case may be

    if 1st IF is not satisfied it should move to 2nd IF and throw 1,2 as the case may be

  • Re: Multiple IFs AND OR

    Not sure if you mean you want to combine both formulas, but perhaps

    [bfn]=IF(AND((B3+C3+B3+C3+70)/25.4>80.2,(C3+D3)>=776),0.5,IF(AND(((B3+C3+B3+C3+70)/25.4>80.2),(C3+D3)<776,(C3+D3)>=518),1,2) )[/bfn]