Editing a pivot table based on a selectin from a Combo Box and List box, on a form

  • I posted this originally on Excel General, I should have posted it here. Also, the need has changed since that post 18 hrs ago.

    I have a large Excel file that has pivot tables on it. It was requested that I create a form with a combo box and list box for user to be able to select a specific time period and then either select all, one, two, three...etc from a drop down list of Distributors and it will change the data on the pivot table, which will automatically update the pivot chart. I was able to create the list, I just need to know how to get it to effect the pivot table so that it shows what their selection was or is. The selection is made from the main page, but it effects the table and chart on the sheet titled Sheet1.

    The selection from the combo box should tell them which pivot table to select and the list box will tell the pivot table what to display. I have only created one of the pivot tables as of right now. This table is for "Year to Date verses Previous Year to Date". Once the coding is in place it should be easy to manually create each pivot table needed and then added to the code if need be.

    I am at my wits end on how to accomplish this.

    The real file is to large to send, so I deleted a lot of the distributors from list and pages from the workbook so that I could compress it and attach it to this post.

    I had no problem creating the form, with the list box, combo box and the ok button (all though the ok button does nothing right now).

    Please see the attached file titled ExcelFormAssist1.


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    If need be, I can always change it and make it need to change the pivot table based upon the List Box only. I can add the combo box directly to the Excel Sheet.