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    Try Google - you'll find all the information you need and more:…cess+database+for+editing

    The reason I say that is because you have invested no time in formulating a question, just post something vague that took about 5 seconds to type, is open to all kinds of interpretation which means anyone attempting a reply will have to assume what the final outcome of this is going to be - and no one here (or on any forum) is a mind reader. Only you know what the follow up questions are going to be ("I want Fred to be able to edit", most likely), so go learn the basics and when you have a specific problem then post back.

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    Thank you for the reply.

    Using excel userform multipage all the data using MS access database is stored & fetched.
    Now i am looking for how to lock the database from editing by others so that only read access should be provided.
    Please advice if possible.

    Thanks again.

    Mangai Venkata

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    I'm sorry - your question is not asking about a problem, you're asking about a procedure (How to do something) and Google is still your best source of information for that. You will find more information than any forum (or even every forum combined) can provide. It's down to you to have a read and decide which method is best suited for your particular circumstances

    If you have problems implementing a method, then that's the time a Forum can help you best.

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    I'm sorry again, but No.

    Anything I can tell you is freely available all over the web. If you are not willing to invest any of your time to investigate the available methods then I'm not willing to spend time composing, re-typing or copying/pasting information you can find yourself with the minimum of effort.

    If you don't know how to do it, then that is something you should learn (and there's no better resource than a search). If you have a problem implementing some code, then that's a problem I, or anyone else on this forum, can help you with; as it stands this thread is nothing more than you passing the buck to someone else because, for whatever reason, you don't want to do it yourself.

    I will stress that is my personal opinion, not the policy/opinion of OzGrid or any other member of this forum. For more information you could try reading the link in my signature.

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